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Privacy Policy for Junk Cars For Cash Perris

This page will serve as the Privacy Policy for Junk Cars For Cash Perris and its digital properties.

We’ll use this page to inform you about how we handle both your information and your privacy. Included in this are methods to track and collect data, when it is shared, and requirements for sharing and setting your preferences.

Junk Cars For Cash Perris uses cookies and personal information

Junk Cars For Cash Perris collects different information when you take different actions on our website and digital properties.

Data collection starts with the use of cookies, which helps us to create a personalized experience on this website. Cookies are stored by your browser on your computer and will contain preferences for login information, shopping cart contents and more. Cookies may be used by Junk Cars For Cash Perris to improve your experience and store information directly on your PC.

Cookies do not track you specifically or rely on your personal information during analysis. We anonymize data as much as possible in order to build better services and experiences for all of our customers.

That said, some personally identifiable information is collected by Junk Cars For Cash Perris. This occurs when you fill out a form, contact us, or take other action that specifically asks you for personal details – and which you specifically provide.

We collect this information to better serve you, solve customer concerns, and manage accounts. This information is never sold to third-party services. We may include the information you provide in what we send to partners, but only when you specifically opt-in.

If you have allowed us to share information in the past but wish to change that, please contact us directly and we will change your information and your settings.

Information sharing

The most important note about Junk Cars For Cash Perris’s policy on information sharing is that we ask for your permission each time. You can always say no and still enjoy our services. We do not sell data or provide it to any outside provider without specific consent.

That said, we cannot manage your experiences on other websites or guarantee how your data is used when you have Web browser extensions active or are interacting with other companies. We protect your data through restricted employee controls, servers, SSL and HTTPS connections, and more, but are unable to guarantee your protection on the broader Internet.

This Policy May Change

Privacy Policies change as technology and business practices adapt to customer demands. Junk Cars For Cash Perris may update this policy without direct notification, so come back often to ensure you agree to these statements and protections.